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Thu, Feb. 9th, 2006, 03:14 pm
fukrware: Hello

Hello... It seems that this is not a very active group, but thought maybe some people might still be watching. I joined it today. My son will be 2 on March 12. He has yet to say anything. He understands several words and phrases, but generally does not follow any type of directions. He doesn't really point, he will throw his hand at something he wants, or bring someone to it and put our hand on what he wants. Just recently, we have gotten him to point with his index finger onto things that he recognizes... He was advanced in all of his physical milestones, but has always been pretty far behind on his communication/language skills. He was just evaluated, and it came out that he is on a 6 month level for expressive speech and an 8 month level for receptive speech. We have him in an early intervention program that includes in home therapy, which just started 2 weeks ago. We are waiting to get into a developmental pediatrician to have him evaluated for autism, but we feel fairly confident that he isn't autistic. He is very outgoing, friendly, happy, smiling, etc., but I guess at the same time, carries some of the other signs. Anyway, if anyone happens to still be watching this community, it is nice to be able to come and vent and share ideas with each other. Thanks for listening!

Fri, Feb. 10th, 2006 02:24 am (UTC)
stressed_angel: Re

hi I will admit I have not been on in a long time, I try to hold down a family plus a full time job sometimes its just crazy in my home. Anyway I was the same place you are about a year ago. I put my daughter who was 3 at the time in EIP in the public school where I live and it really didnt do alot or thats what I thought. The EIP teacher wanted me to put her in summer school 5 days a week for 3 hours each day. So she could get 90 minutes a week with her speech teacher. Well I said no and found a private speech therapist. She seen my daughter Brianna for 30 minutes twice a week, you could she a small change in her. By the time school started up this year Brianna's teacher could not believe what a difference the summer made. She no longer goes to the private therapist just the one at school and between the two therapist they were able to break the speech problem. Now don't get me wrong she still has some problems but she says a new word about every two days. I just wanted to say did not be hard on your self, it will happen it just takes some time. This is funny that I am saying this because I beat my self up over this with my daughter and I am the most impatient person I know.

Fri, Feb. 10th, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)

Thank you. It is definitely very frustrating sometimes... mostly when the doctors are avoiding trying to help you. Our program is that a "Early Interventionist" comes to our house once a week for an hour, and helps guide us to get him to do the things he should be. I think the speech therapy may come later, but for now... I feel like we are making some progress, but I would be happy even with one word at this point! I'm glad to hear your daughter is making some progress of her own. I bet it's really exciting to see her progressing, even just a little bit!! Best of luck to you, and I will post if anything new happens!!

Thu, Feb. 22nd, 2007 11:27 pm (UTC)

Hi, I realize you posted this a year ago, but I am looking for some communities for speech delays and found this one.

I have a daughter who just turned 2 on the 16th and sounds almost exactly like your son was. She does say a few words, but they've been the same words for about a year now. She doesn't point very much either. Everything sounds like my girl. She's in Early Intervention and will having speech therapy too. We had her assessed yesterday by a Child Development worker and she said for us not to rule out Autism. I really don't think it's Autism because she doesn't show many signs.

I'm wondering how your son is doing now? I am stressed about the not talking and everyone going on about somethiing being wrong with her and just want to hear from others that have been in the same boat. LJ doesn't have very many communities for this.


Fri, Feb. 23rd, 2007 12:03 am (UTC)

My son has done very well in the last year or so. I owe it all to the early intervention program, really. They have given us an immense amount of help in finding the right stuff that works for us. He finally said his first words in May of last year, and pretty much took off running after that. He's still behind, about a 29% delay in expressive and just a "risk of delay" in receptive, but everything else has caught up. It's still an impressive improvement from where he was, he was 64% in expressive, 31% in receptive and also behind in a few other areas when we got him into the program just over a year ago. Although, he still really has no conversation skills; all of his speech is mostly identifying objects or people, asking for things, or repeating what we say.

When we originally had him evaluated, they gave us an MCHAT evaluation for autism, he tested positively on that and they recommended we get him checked out by a developmental pediatrician. When we did that, they discovered he not only didn't have autism, he tested the lowest that the doctor had ever tested before. It's all a matter of perspective, I think. I would trust your gut instinct as far as you're concerned. But, if it would put your mind at ease (it sure did for us), then it's worth it to get her evaluated anyway.

You are more than welcome to add me on as a friend, I will add you back... I talk a lot about Richard, (although I've been slacking on the tagging lately, so you can't rely on that...) and you can peruse through my archive and find out a lot about the things we have gone through. I have written at length about it, so I'm sure there's a lot there. If there's anything I can help you out with, I'll be glad to. :) I actually just recently wrote an update post on his progress in the last year.

I know it's very stressful, and it was a great relief when Richard finally started talking. It's been a long road, and we still have a long way to go. All I can say is to hang in there, and that it WILL get better. I promise.

Fri, Feb. 23rd, 2007 12:48 am (UTC)

Thanks for replying so quickly!

Sounds like he's doing really well, that's so great. Ruby communicates pretty well non verbally right now, but it's only for her needs and what we've taught her with pictures.

I would love to add you and will now. I have to warn you, my latest entry is an angry and negative one. I was pissed off about the assessment and everything else going on in our lives that I just ranted. I'm usually not so whiny!

Thanks again for letting me know all of this.