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Mon, May. 15th, 2006, 02:00 pm
fukrware: He's Talking!

So, Richard decided to start talking the day before yesterday! (On his 26th month birthday!) He started the morning off by saying "Ma ma!" several times. Since he had said this in the past, but stopped, I didn't necessarily think it a new thing. But, I praised him and told him "That's right! I'm 'Mama'!" Then, later at the beach, I was cuddling with him wrapped in a towel. I covered his face up and when I opened the towel, I said "Boo!" like I always do. He repeated it back! So, I covered him up again, then when I lifted it, he said "Boo!" all on his own. This was something new. Well, when we got home, I started working on him since he seemed to be in an imitative mood. After some work, I got him to say "Dee dee!" for Daddy. This morning, we got him to say "ba" for ball. It is truly amazing. So far, it seems he is showing no signs of stopping this trend of talking, like he has in the past. We are extremely optimistic. He did this all on his own! It's actually a great game for him now. Anytime we hide or he hides, he says "Boo!" for us. It's hysterical. He can't say it at all without laughing. And when he says daddy, he uses the sign for daddy in tandem with the speech, which is another nice milestone to meet. I hope this really sets the ball rolling, and he starts picking up words all the time now. I suppose it's probably a good time to start watching what I do say around him now.

Aaaah... progress. Speech therapy should be starting soon. At least now, we have a starting point!

Oh yeah, and he finally got one of his 2 year molars! We've been waiting for those for some time now.

x-posted. Sorry-I'm excited and all. :)