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Tue, Jul. 31st, 2007, 07:51 pm
therbee: Almost a year later...

It's been almost a year since anyone has posted here...
And I'm curious:

How are your children doing?

My son Carlos, now 3 and a half, is making progress. Slowly, but something is something. He now does make 2 word sentences, and sometimes even 3... plus his INTENTION to talk is there, which wasn't a year ago. He will imitate sounds, and make more of an effort to communicate and make himself understood (usually combining a few loose words, and gestures).

He goes to a speech therapist once a week, and he enjoys going, which is great. She believes it will be a slow process, and just a matter of time.
He will start 2nd year of preschool in September, with a new teacher (not the same one he had last year), so we'll see how that goes. They told us that they will try and get him a speech therapist to see him DURING school hours.

Wed, Aug. 8th, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)

My Mad Scientist is now 6, and he never stops talking!! His speech is just fine too. :-D