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Mon, Aug. 22nd, 2005, 08:22 am
julietma: New here

Hi! I don't know how active this community is, but I thought I'd put a feeler out there. My daughter is 19 months old and something like 65% delayed in speech development, mostly receptive speech but also just generally delayed. We're working on getting her hearing tested with an auditory brainstem response test since she is just too active to get good results with the sound field test or the OAEs.

Other than that, I'm a writer and sahm, my dh is a school teacher and musician, and my daughter is generally high-need in her temperament. We're in the process of weaning and I'm just trying to stay philosophical about it. My blog is at www.julietmartinez.com.

I hope I'll hear from some of you who have been through this routine already.


Fri, Jun. 17th, 2005, 11:00 pm
_beauty__: Introducing myself

I thought I'd join up here, not sure if this group's very active anymore, but there's always the chance it'll pick up :)

I have a 3 year old who has a speech delay (she was 3 in March) I was quite excited when I came upon this community as it'd be nice to talk to others who's children are late talkers. She's receiving speech therapy and has been for a few weeks now, prior to that she was in a toddler talk program which I think helped a bit. She's come a long way since last September when we first started getting help. Last September, she had a verbal vocabulary of perhaps 3 or 4 words at most: momma, dadda, (variations of those) bubba and hi. She was originally diagnosed with a severe speech delay as they put it. It was clear she understood everything we said, but she just didn't talk.

She automatically used her hands, signing what she wanted or needed in her own way, making up signs for certain words, so I began teaching her some basic sign language just to lower her frustration levels when we didn't understand what she wanted. She knows quite a few signs now, unfortunately I'm the only one that really knows most of them.

It's been said upon several hearing tests that she seems to have fluid in her ears. Each time prior they just said it'll clear up on it's own, that she perhaps was just getting over a cold. She's only had 1 ear infection in her entire life that we know about at least. If her ears have ever been sore, she never lets us know. I made an appt with my family Dr to see about her ears, but I can't get in any sooner than a few weeks from now! She's seeing a Paediatrician at the center she goes to for her speech therapy next week. Hopefully he'll have something to tell us.

But it's so frustrating on me as a mom going through all this. I often doubt and wonder to myself, wondering what I did wrong to cause her to be so severely delayed. Mother's Guilt. I'll wonder if I'm doing enough to help her. I know it's really nothing I did, but still as a mom, the doubts are always there. She also still sleeps with her pacifier (I know bad bad bad) but I just can't seem to take it away from her and I'm so afraid to even mention her still having it to her speech therapist for fear they'll blame it. I can't take it away from her cold turkey and just let her scream at night, I have 1 year old twins who are sleeping at that time too. We've tried numerous times to gently get rid of it, I even once went so far as to cut the tip off it, showed her it was broken and I felt like the worlds worst mommy when I saw her reaction. It was like her best friend had died. She wanted Daddy to fix it. So I ended up snatching up one of the babies soother's that resembled it in the end and told her we fixed it. I attempted to try sewing it into one of her bears today, so she'd at least still have it, and perhaps have a Binky Bear in it's place, but she was horrified at that suggestion. We even tried the Giving it to Santa at Xmas, but come bedtime, she wanted it back.

So anyways before this gets any longer lol I've lost count of what she says, but now alot of her words are hard to understand as she seems to find it hard to pronounce alot of sounds. She's pretty much talking in 2-4 word sentences now, so I feel that's an improvement. But often when she gets really excited and begins to babble fast, it sounds as if she's talking a foreign language.

She is improving week by week, but it concerns me so much why she doesn't seem to be able to talk at her level yet. It's nice to know I'm not alone :)

Tue, May. 17th, 2005, 11:07 pm
stressed_angel: Hello

I have a daughter who is speech delayed and thought I would start my own community on this topic. Of course not knowing that there was 2 others groups but every way. My name is Terri and I have a 3 year old daughter who is speech delayed, she goes to school and since being in school she is really starting to spit those words out. Of course no sentences yet but I am happy right now with just single words. I also have a 18 year old son.

Sun, Dec. 19th, 2004, 08:06 am
momasarah: New here.

Hello my name is Sarah and my son is 5 years old and has a vocabulary of about 15 maybe 20 clear words. I belive he has apraxia but no one is wanting to listen to me. He has been in EI for 3 1/2 years and gets speech therepy 3x a week but he needs intense one on one my insurance refuses to pay for it and i'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tue, Aug. 24th, 2004, 02:00 am
kseptember44: Chris

SO I told you about Nicholas my soon to 6 yr old. now I will share about Chris. Since I went through EI. with Nicholas I knew what to look for with Chris. 3 months ago he was not talking at all.(20 months). Just screaming. So the Dr said, wait till he was 2 . I thought that was a bad idea so I got him evaluated. of course he said words at the evaluation I had never heard him use. I was shocked. I got a phone call from the EI lady. she said he was borderline. She suggest he get re-evaluated in a few months. Well today they came and he did not want to talk at all. I am starting to think it is a control issue with him. He does have a stubborn streak. They said I will hear by the end of the week if he is eligible. One thing I need to mention. he has a medical problem with his mouth. between his upper lip and his gums there is this pc of skin(take your tongue and put it under your upper lip, there is a piece of skin that is connect to your gums and the inside of your lip. well Chris' is connected lower then others . it is between his front teeth. the school says it will affect his speech, the dentist says it needs to be snipped but I have to wait till he is a bit older (after 2yrs old) the Dr says its normal and EI says it will not be a problem with speech. however if you see him talk it is getting harder to say "M's" because as he grows I think his lips will not close if it is not taken care of. I know this is weird. I am not sure who I should believe? Should I get more opinions? We all agree he might need some EI after they do surgery(and the word surgery makes me nervous). No wonder I am getting gray

Sat, Aug. 21st, 2004, 11:05 pm
kseptember44: help??

Ok let me back track a bit before I tell you my problem. When Nicholas (now almost 6yrs old) was 18 months, he had a span when he had a ear infection for about 10 weeks. they finally had to give him a antibiotic shot and it seemed to go away. Hence I brought him to a ENT. the audiologist (sp?) suggested EI for him, his hearing was fine now but it did cause a bit of a delay. He seemed to be talking from the back of his throat, she had said that he most likely was hearing like he was "under water " for weeks(fluid in ears). Ok so we do early intervention. It was such a positive experience. I saw him do things I never thought he could do! she had him doing crafts and She had him talking as he was doing it. it was amazing. after 6 months he did so well he no longer needed it . Well he was borderline and in NY I guess that was good enough ? When he was 4 I was concerned because he was pronouncing all his letters wrong TYLER was TWLYER, LIGHT was MIGHT etc... he passed and was not eligible. I was concerned because I thought he would have trouble when it can to reading. Well guess what. he is having a awful time sounding out letters. he still says Might instead of light. and in the back of my head I wonder if he will need speech in school. any suggestions on what I can do at home to help him. He loves school but is so frustrated. (I have him in Kumon Reading center right now for the summer)

thanks !!


Sat, Aug. 21st, 2004, 11:36 am
judecorp: Introduction

Hi! I'm a former lurker who has decided to join the community.

I'm Jude. I don't have any children of my own (yet) but I work in Early Intervention in Boston. I haven't been doing it terribly long, and I definitely feel that my weakest area of intervening is with the children with speech delays (which is right now the largest portion of my caseload).

So I like reading this community to see what has worked (and hasn't worked) for you guys. If you mind my lurking and input, let me know and I'll duck off into the sunset. :)

Tue, Jun. 15th, 2004, 06:49 am
anemptyvoid: Intro (x-posted to speechdelay)

Hello! I am a single mom of two wonderful boys, the youngest of which has about a 10 month speech and social skills delay. He was 2 in February and has been in speech and developmental therapy since March. Torin had fluid on his ears which caused his delays. He's gone from saying 10-15 words to saying about 25 since March. He's doing better on his motor skills as well. His social skills are still pretty far behind, but from what his DT and ST say, that's pretty common.

Can't wait to hear stories from other parents on here.

Mon, May. 31st, 2004, 01:35 am
em0tionalrebel: ¤ me ¤

About me and my story under cut

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Mon, May. 17th, 2004, 07:45 pm
pennyd: Sam's second therapy session.

Today went well. Sam just frustrated at the end but I think that was her goal. To test his limits. She got him to ask for more and he used the sign (well at least close to it)
She showed me how to 'get' him to ask for things so we can practice the signs. He really likes Shelia. He seems very comfortable with her. I can really see how this is going to help him.
This week we are going to keep practicing "more", and work on "all done". his next therapy session is next Monday.

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